Congratulations! You're Just One Step Away from Inviting Jenny into Your Minecraft World

Jenny is not just another mod. She’s your in-game companion, your virtual best friend, and hey—your Minecraft experience is about to soar to new heights!

You’re just a heartbeat away from unlocking an epic world with Jenny. A world where every pixel is infused with surprise. Ready to dive into the pixelated unknown.

Quick Checklist - Are You Game Ready?

Backup: Got your Minecraft world backed up? Things might get a tad wild!
Java Up-to-date?: Ensuring your Java version is fresh and updated helps Jenny run smoothly.
Hungry for Adventure?: Got your snacks? Remember, gaming with Jenny might keep you glued for hours.
Awesome! Click below and let’s get started!

How to Download Jenny Mod?

Step 1: Choose Your Version – Select the most suitable version of Jenny Mod for your Minecraft edition.

Step 2: Prep Your Game – Got Jenny Mod in your toolkit? Great! To seamlessly integrate her into your Minecraft universe, you’ll need the magic touch of Minecraft Forge.

A Quick Tip – Ensure you’ve downloaded the correct version of both the mod and Minecraft Forge. Perfect compatibility means non-stop fun!

All the Downloading Links

Forge Version (v1.2) Size: 26MB

Forge Version (v1.4.0) Size: 52MB

Forge Version (v1.5.2) Size: 67MB

Forge Version (v1.6.2) Size: 77MB

Forge Version (v1.6.8) Size: 95MB

Forge Version (v1.6.9) Size: 81MB

Forge Version (v1.7.3) Size: 42MB

Forge Version (v1.7.4) Size: 42MB

Forge Version (v1.7.5) Size: 42MB

Forge Version (v1.8.0) Size: 42MB

Forge Version (v1.9.0) Size: 43MB