Minecraft Jenny Mod Download

Jenny Mod

Unlock the ultimate Minecraft companion experience with the Jenny Mod. Explore, build, and survive together with Jenny, your smart and adventurous in-game girlfriend.

What Does Minecraft Jenny Mod do for you?

minecraft jenny mod

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy your gameplay experience, the ‘Jenny Mod’ might be just what you’re looking for! This awesome mod offers you a virtual companion that will really enhance your adventure within the game world. With so many mods out there, it can be hard to decide which ones to use, but the ‘Minecraft Jenny Mod‘ is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a unique gaming experience.

The Jenny Mod is a cool way to have a virtual girlfriend in Minecraft. You can do things together like dancing, going out to eat, and even getting physical. It’s not for everyone, but for those who play alone and want to feel more social, it’s a great option. The mod adds new ways to have fun and play the game.

minecraft jenny mod
jenny mod

The Companion Choices in Jenny Mod

jenny mod

“When you install the this Mod in Minecraft, you can make friends with some new characters. There are various virtual girlfriends to choose from, including goblins, kobolds, Allie, Luna, Bee, Ellie, Jenny, and even a slime girl.

The Jenny Mod enhances Minecraft’s gameplay without being too intrusive. It’s an excellent way to seek companionship while playing Minecraft alone. If you’re looking to try out something different in Minecraft, then the Jenny Mod is worth a try.”

Jenny Mod Features

Create a different look for Jenny

Once you install the Jenny Mod for Minecraft, you can change how Jenny looks. This is cool because you can make her unique, and find a look that matches what you like. There are many options to choose from, so even if you are new to mods, you can still use the Jenny Mod. It can be added to any mod list and will work well.

Modify your Jenny on the fly

On top of that, everything can be modified, starting with her skin and hair color, clothes, and accessories. If you dislike her current look, all you have to do is make a few changes, and you will be good to go. That’s what makes the Jenny Mod exciting because it allows you to really make Jenny feel like your girlfriend.

Access Jenny’s different moods

Jenny is not just a character that follows you around. After installing it, you will notice that she experiences emotions such as feeling embarrassed and excited. Also, she will fight you if she is angry or flirt with you if she is happy. However, Jenny won't do many things unless you give her diamonds.

Minecraft Jenny Mod Download

  • Click on the Download button below.
  • Make sure to choose the version of the mod  that is compatible with your current Minecraft installation.
  • Now, Click on the download button to start downloading the mod file.

Install the Jenny Mod for Minecraft

The installation process for this Jenny Mod is not very complex. All you have to do is to follow the steps shown below:

  • The first thing you need to do is to download the mod from our website. We guarantee your safety and the fact that there are no viruses. That means our mod files are always safe and secure. Download a version that’s appropriate for your current Minecraft installation.
  •  Then you will need to download Forge so you can install the mod and use it in your Minecraft. After installing Forge, open it and create your profile. Then you must choose the Jenny Mod version that fits your Minecraft version.
  • Go to the Downloads folder, and then you will have to copy the Mod file.
  • In the Forge app, you must click on the profile you made and press Open Folder; that will open the correct folder where you have to place the mod files. Now all you have to do is to paste the file once you are in the rightful folder.
  • You can launch Minecraft using CurseForge and then create a new world. Remember that Jenny Mod is suitable for singleplayer use.
  • When you enter the new singleplayer world, all you need is to press Jenny in the search bar. That will bring her to the world, and you can interact with her.

One thing to note about this Mod is that it was made for the PC Java version. The mod has no mobile version, so this can only be used on a computer with the Forge app’s help.


If you want a virtual girlfriend in Minecraft, this is the mod for you. It’s a safe mod to download if you acquire it from a trustworthy website like ours.

You can use it in multiplayer, but remember, other player need to have the mod installed as well.

Since the Jenny Mod is NSFW, this is not a mod for kids. That’s why we recommend not downloading or installing the mod unless you are over 18 years old. It’s a mod intended for mature audiences.

No, you can download and play the Jenny Mod without any registration. However, you can enter multiplayer servers, yet the other players also need to play this mod; otherwise, it might not work as intended.


The Minecraft Jenny Mod is a very innovative and creative addition to your Minecraft toolkit. If you like enhancing your game experience, then it is definitely something you should use. With help from the mod, you can finally interact with a mob and have your own girlfriend. At the same time, there are countless interactions, and you can see when your virtual girlfriend is happy, angry, or disappointed. Enhance your Minecraft experience today, only with the Jenny Mod!